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HHS Hall of Fame Press Release

Aug 22, 2022 

Re: Harrisburg High School HOF 2022                                                        
The Harrisburg High School Hall of Fame committee has made the decision to not have a HOF class for the year 2022.

When we started the HOF in 2013, we asked the community and past graduates from Harrisburg to nominate individuals and teams that they felt were worthy of being considered for induction.  In the first two years, we received 20 to 30 deserving nominations. Since that time, we have received very few. Therefore, over the past 4 or 5 years, the nominations have come solely from the HOF committee.

While we know many more deserving individuals could be nominated, we feel that the nominees should come from the peers of the community, past students, and faculty.

For the time being, the committee has decided to have an every-other-year HOF class. If we receive enough nominees, we would like to go back to having a HOF class every year.

The committee has consisted of basically the same 6 people since its inception. Being on the committee does not take an extraordinary amount of time. We are seeking more individuals to serve on the HOF committee for two reasons. One, to bring a wider range of knowledge and opinions to the selection of future HOF nominees and inductees, and two, to share in the responsibilities of executing the process from start to finish.

We are very proud of the HHS HOF process and its members to date. To move forward and to ensure the integrity of the HOF in the future, we need your help. Ways that you can help are by becoming part of the HOF committee and by making quality nominations!

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to your input.

To make a nomination or to become a part of the HOF committee, reach out to any of the members below.

Thank you!

Harrisburg High School HOF Committee
Rick Fink
Michelle Schirado
Jeff Drexler
Renee Rebnord
Kristi Seward
Scott Axtell